MailStore Home- Keep all your mails in one place

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We have been using computers for quiet some time and of course emails too.  You might have created number of email accounts with various Email service providers such as Google, yahoo, hotmail, rediff etc over these years. You may be using only as one date and yet you may want the mails in the inbox that you don't use much also intact for future use.

Then Mailstore home is the best solution for you.

Over the years, emails can become scattered among different computers, programs, mailboxes and webmail services. With MailStore Home you can bring order to this chaos for good by creating a single central archive for all emails.

The integrated search feature allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of emails and file attachments within fractions of a second so that you have access to all of your information at any time. If you want to do more than view an archived email, e.g. edit or forward it, you can open the email with a mouse click in your email program.

Advantages of using MailStore Home:

No loss of important email:

With MailStore Home you can create a secure central archive for all emails, allowing you to access important information over years.

Fast Search:

Browse huge amounts of data within fractions of a second. MailStore Home searches not only your emails but also all types of file attachments. Complex search queries can be saved and reused.

Integrated Backup Feature:

Backup your entire email archive directly from MailStore Home to CD, DVD or USB drives. No additional software is needed.

Easy Migration of Emails:

Changing email service providers (e.g. from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail) often fails because existing emails cannot be transferred. MailStore Home email archiving allows you to solve this problem easily.

Seamless Integration:

You can reply to or forward archived emails by opening them with a single mouse click in your email program. MailStore Home integrates seamlessly into your standard environment and work flow.

Download MailStore Home Portable using this link