LPG Cylinders – Cap may raised from six to Ten

While the Opposition parties and some of the allies are vehemently opposing the Cap of 6 cylinders per year, the recent policy on LPG Cylinders imposed by Government, many congress party leaders themselves are not happy about this stern move by Government to control subsidy.

So, yielding some what to this opposition, Government is considering raising the limit on the number of subsidized LPG cylinders from six to ten cylinders per household per year. Reports also said that Finance Minister P Chidambaram and Petroleum Minister Jaipal Reddy were opposed to the cut in subsidy.

The decision under immense criticism with both the Opposition and the UPA allies demanding a rollback. The BJP-led NDA has announced a nation-wide strike over the price hike and LPG cap on 20 September. Left parties have also announced a 12-hour all-India general strike on the same day.

Source: IBN Live