Lovelycharts-make your documents catchy

Did you ever think that offical documentations you create could have been more understandable and catchy had you added diagrams. Then that hosts web application is the simple and right choice for you.

Using an intuitive drag-and-drop drawing mechanism, it lets you focus on what really matters without having to worry about software settings, drawing boxes or arrows, or even worrying about what symbol to use.

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The application can be used to create a variety of diagrams including organisational charts, mind maps, flowcharts including technical diagrams such as network diagrams, floor plans and more.

The diagrams that are created online can be downloaded as an image file (either as jpg or png) for our off-line use. It’s a modern alternative to many of the more traditional applications that can be used for charting and diagrams. The user experience of people visiting this site is second to none and it’s very easy to get professional looking results.

A fully functional version of Lovely Charts is available for free but it will only let you save only one chart on the server of lovelycharts, which you can edit at any time during your next visit to the website. Of course this is a limitation. But it could affect only those who intend to work in colloboration.

We mean to say free account is not suitable to the users of business and corporate class who would prefer to save umteen shared and unfinished images/charts in their account for the purpose of editing by their employees or colleagues on a later date.

However, free account could be utilsed effectively by a single user who would normally create a diagram and download it at once as an image for use in off-line documentations. A simple registration is enough for taking a free account.

Premium account that requires payment of 29 euro per year, is well suited to professionals as it’s multiuser account and multiple files could be saved for future editing.

The website has also provided an easy to understand tutorial for using the application. Check here to watch this screen cast tutorial.

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