Literally a thumb drive !!

Jerry Jalava's hand fixed with USB drive
Jerry Jalava's hand fixed with USB drive

This is a story about Jerry Jalava, a Finnish software developer who lost part of his finger in a motorcycle accident last July. According to his friend, Henri Bergius, when the surgeon assigned to work on Jalava’s prosthetic finger made a clever suggestion: incorporate a USB data storage drive into the finger of Jalava.

Now, a prosthetic finger fixed to him in the place of the finger he lost in the accident, contains a 2GB USB key. When Jalava needs the drive, he simply pulls it off his left hand, plugs it in, and comes back to pick it up after the transfers are finished.

Always the developer, Javala is looking to upgrade his finger now with wireless technology, RFID tag, and more storage. Just think — a Bluetooth finger.

Check out more pictures of Jalava’s cybernetic finger in the slideshow below.