Latest Developments in CBEC Cadre Review

The following is the communication issued by Shri.Ravi Mallik, All India Secretary General Of Superintendent's  Association to the members of the Association on the latest developments in CBEC Cadre Review

Dear friends,    


Good afternoon

Cadre restructuring proposal has been cleared by FM. Now note will go to cadre review committee comprising Cabinet Secretary, Secretary Revenue, DOPT& Expenditure and also Chairman of CBEC in our case. Secretary Revenue & Expenditure as well as our Chairman have already cleared it. Only the formal clearance of Secretary Cabinet & DOPT is required as the part of cadre review committee.

Now, it is clear that they would do nothing more for us in the matter and only 24% of our officers would be able to retire as AC as per the existing formula. It is, however, also true that we are going to get the promotional posts never expected. But side by side it is also true that all the eligible officers belonging to other cadres would be promoted and their promotional vacancies would remain unfilled. The Examiner of 2005 & Appraiser of 2008 will become AC. Moreover, direct recruit Examiner of 2005, 2006, 2007 & so on will certainly retire as Commissioner or above.
So, it is not the end. Be ever ready for the struggle.


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source: Cengo Hydrabad