Karnataka State Government Employees to get 7th Pay Commission Benefits

Karnataka State Government Employees to get 7th Pay Commission Benefits – CM of Karnataka – Insurance Scheme to be extended to all State Government Employees

Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah today promised to consider giving effect to the recommendations of the Centre’s 7th Pay Commission to state government employees as early as possible.

“I will make efforts to see that a decision is taken as soon as possible on the pay revision as recommended by the Centre’s 7th Pay Commission. We have an open mind on the issue,” he told government employees while addressing their one-day state level convention in Mysore.

The plea for implementing the pay revision as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission was earlier made by the State Government Employees’ Association President L Bhyrappa, who presided over the convention, along with other demands. The CM also promised to consider their request to extend the free health scheme to retired government employees.

The Cabinet had taken a decision on extending the ‘Arogya Jyothi-Sanjeevini’ insurance scheme for the employees and orders would be issued in the next few days, he said, adding that the government had already implemented a number of demands of government employees and would not hesitate to meet their legitimate demands. He dismissed the allegations that he had come in the way of implementation of the 6th Pay Commission recommendations.

On the statement of Bhyrappa that cases of attacks on government employees were taking place in rural parts, Siddaramaiah said, the government would make efforts to check such incidents. As regards the transfers, he sought the co-operation of employees.

Asking employees to ensure the dedicated implementation of a number of social welfare schemes his government had introduced, he asked them to ensure that 70-80 per cent of the government’s planned allocation of over Rs 11,000 crore this year was spent on the various schemes and programmes they are meant without any waste.

Earnest spending of the amounts would bring about a social change and help State’s progress. The employees, who are pillars of the government and serve 30-35 years unlike five-year term by elected representatives, would also gain respect from people. “This is the challenge before us,” he added. He also called for making earnest efforts to make the state free of corruption.

Source : Business Standard

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