ITBP Officers to Move Government for Promotion

ITBP Officers to Move Government for Promotion – According to data available, in ITBP there are over 300 vacancies at the senior level.

ITBPOfficers of the ITBP Force posted on the inhospitable and difficult border along China are planning to petition the government as their chances of promotion are stuck in red tape and bureaucratic oversight.

According to data available, in ITBP there are over 300 vacancies at the senior level, but in the past four years, more than 50 Inspectors had to retire without any promotion.

Officials said the problem started with a 2010 decision by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the cadre-controlling authority of the ITBP and other Central armed police forces. It merged all cadres of the force, including drivers, telecom operators and engineers, with the general duty cadre who are deployed in combat roles. It also decided that promotion be done on the basis of the combined seniority list. The decision was challenged in the Delhi High Court, which stayed it in 2013. In May 2015, the High Court struck it down.

ITBP Officials say the MHA and the ITBP, headed by IPS officers, have failed to resolve the crisis. “Though there are many vacancies in the rank of Deputy Commandant and Assistant Commandant, the inspectors have to retire without promotion. There is a lot of anger among the rank and file as they are deprived of their right owing to these bureaucratic procedures,” an official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

In 2012 alone, 13 inspectors retired without any promotion.

The pattern followed in the following years: 19 inspectors retired in 2013 and 11 each in 2014 and 2015 without promotion.

Source: The Hindu

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