IPL 3 Cricket- Watch Live Matches and snippets online

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For cricket lovers it’s a feast.  If you are the one, it’s not a news to you that all IPL cricket matches are broadcast live for free in a dedicated youtube web page.  Though it can not be called as live broadcast as cricket Matches are shown with a five-minute delay as Sony Max TV has exclusive live relay rights, it’s is very useful to know the current status of a IPL match when we are at work and away from Television

What is more interesting in this streaming video site is  a vast collection of   Snippets compiled from each match.  These snippets are available in Highlights area.  Just go to this youtube live streaming video site and select Highlights tab on the top.   That’s it.  You can have a truck load of Highlights, players interviews, collection of sixes and fours, fun snippets, best catches,  etc., collected from  IPL 3 cricket matches.  Some of the snippets are really interesting.

Google’s video streaming internet portal YouTube will stream live matches of 44 days of IPL 3, with 59 matches.

Go to Youtube IPL live cricket matches site

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