Instructions for proper TA Claims

Travelling Allowance Claimed – Instructions given by Kerala State Government.

Kerala State Government in its circular No: 57/2012/Fin dated 03.10.2012, has given elaborate instructions for claiming TA claims by Gazetted Officers.

It is observed in the said circular that Principal Accountant General has brought to the notice of the Government certain defects and deficiencies while conducting audit of TA bills of state government employees.

The instructions given are as follows.

1. Sanction order of tour or transfer and detailed tour diary countersigned by the controlling officer should be attached with TA bill.

2. TA claims are to be preferred to the controlling officer within a period of one year though the period of limitation for drawing TA claim is two years.

3. Supporting documents such as Taxi receipts, rent receipts for stay, parcel receipts for transportation of personal effects should be enclosed with every TA claim.

4.  Copies of Boarding pass, ticket jacket showing cost of air fare etc should be enclosed in case of Air Travel.

5.   The required certificates should be singed by the officer on the last page of TA bill.  Date of submission of claim should be mentioned.

6.  Sanction order for drawing DA exceeding 10 days should be obtained.

7.  Details of travel by Taxi/ auto (places and distances) should be mentioned.

8. Each and every column of TA bill should be properly filled up showing details and purpose of journey, pay, designation, and headquarters of the officer, date and time journey, halt period, distance and mode of conveyance, class of accommodation, details of actual expenses etc.

Download circular No: 57/2012/Fin dated 03.10.2012 issued by Kerala State Government regarding instructions on Travelling Allowance claims

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