Medical Tourism – India second in the Race


A study has revealed the fact that India ranks second in medical tourism throughout the world. Interestingly, India spends only 1.2 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product on health issues.

But the country takes proper care of foreign patients. The study says that the Indian Hospitals treated 4.5 lakh foreign patients in 2007. Thailand tops the list with a record number of 12 lakh.

The research has been conducted by health care researchers Deloitte. The study says that Indian hospitals treat patients not only from its neighbouring states and the countries of West Asia, but also treat a huge number of patients from the United States and other European countries. The inflow of patients to India from the European countries has been gradually rising.

During this global financial meltdown, the cheaper but best treatment attracts foreign patients towards India. The absence of patient-waiting list is another reason of attraction towards India.

Indian clinical and paramedical talent is globally appreciated .  Health insurance has also given it a boost, says Health Insurance Marketers.

Study also points out that Thailand, which revolutionised medical tourism, is more into cosmetic surgery.  But India focuses on cardiac, neurological or orthopedic problems.