How to add New Rupee Font in your computer

We are all aware Government of India has recently announced Rupee symbol that was selected out of a contest conducted by finance rupee font, rupee true type font, rupee font keyboard mapping

Check this previous GConnect article for more details about how this new rupee symbol was selected by government.

It may take time for inclusion of this symbol by Government for statutory purposes. Any way, we would love to use it in our computer. But How?

Foradian Technologies which is an Indian Software development company has come up with interim solution for using new rupee symbol in our computer. This is an interim solution in the sense that as New rupee symbol has no separate key in computer keyboard, a key which is sparingly used could be mapped for the Rupee symbol.

The Grave acent symbol (`) – the key just above “tab” button in your keyboard has been mapped for Rupee symbol in this interim solution.

Check here to Download the Font for new Rupee symbol released by Foradian Technologies

To install new Rupee font in your computer save the downloaded true type font file in to C:\Windows\fonts (Please note that C: is the default directory for Windows Opertating System Installation.  If you have installed OS in some other directory, D: or E:, accordingly change the directory).  You can also install the font file through Control Panel (control panel–>Appearance and Personalization–>Fonts)

Watch this slide show to know how to use the downloaded new rupee font.

Another limitation in this interim solution is though you can assign the grave acent symbol keyboard key for new rupee symbol, you have to select the rupee font each time to type a rupee symbol and then return back to the font type which you are using for typing other characters in the document.

You can tweak your application such as microsoft word to avoid this problem by including the new rupee symbol in symbol list of the word processing application, say microsoft word. Once it is included as symbol, the grave acent symbol can be used without changing the font type for typing the rupee symbol. Watch this video tutorial that shows how to add new rupee symbol in the symbol list of microsoft word application.

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