Housing Projects of CGEWHO open for subscription

Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organisation (CGEWHO), which is a registered body under Societies registration Act 1860, has been constructing houses for Central Government Employees in various cities.  The following projects undertaken by CGEWHO are now open for subscription.

Lucknow Housing Scheme:

Vacant Flats offered for allotment: [Advertisement].

Pune Housing Scheme:

Vacant Flats offered for allotment: [Advertisement].

Mohali (Ph-II) Housing Scheme:

Mohali (Phase-II) Housing Scheme was announced with 10/12/2010 as the last date for applying. Type ‘B’, ‘C’ & ‘D’ flat(s) are now open to GENERAL PUBLIC ON FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS.

[Advertisement] [CGEWHO Rules & Application Form] [Cover Page] [Unit Plan] [Update List] [Application Form].

Kolkata (Ph-II) Housing Scheme:

Was announced in June 2010 with the last date of applying as 13-08-2010. Initially, the scheme was fully subscribed in type `A’ & `B’ and type `C’ & `D’ was under subscribed. CGEWHO has called three installment(s). Scheme is now open for GENERAL PUBLIC on First Come First Serve basis for Working/Retired Employees of Central Govt. (PRIORITY-I), State Govt. (PRIORITY-II) & GENERAL PUBLIC (Under PRIORITY-III) for type ‘D’ only. In other types, application will be placed on waiting list. Applicants joining now will be required to pay equalisation charges as per Rule-18. [Equalisation charges].

[Advertisement]  [Scheme Brochure/Application Form] [Cover Pages / Location Map] [Latest Updation]. Sanction of Building Plan [Details]. Second Installment called.

Third Installment called. Last date of payment is 10/02/2012.

Vishakhapatnam Housing Scheme:

Scheme likely to be announced after approval of Plan(s) from the local development authority.

[Location Map], Offer Letter to Existing Beneficiaries last date 15/06/2011: [Page1] [Page2] [Page3].

Jaipur (Ph-II) Housing Scheme:

Was announced during early’ 2008. The scheme was initially fully subscribed and allotments made. Scheme is now open for GENERAL PUBLIC on First Come First Serve basis for types ‘B’ & ‘C’ flats. (Subject to payment as per payment plan and schedule of installments, at the end of project, as per the CGEWHO Rules).

[Advertisement] [Scheme Brochure] [Application Form] [Location Map] [Latest Photo] [Equalisation Charges] [Plan Approval Letter] EXTEND OF DATE: [ [1]  [2]  [3]]

[Escalation Cost Details] [Minutes of General Meeting]  “Technical Details” [Page1] [Page2] [Page3].

Allotment of specific floors/flats & Parking: [Letter] [Option for Parking].

Payment plan for unsold DU’s that “Other Terms and Conditions, as given in CGEWHO Rule Book shall remain Unchanged and Applicable”: [Letter].