Health Ministry instructs CGHS officials to clear dues to approved private hospitals

Health Ministry instructs CGHS officials to clear dues to approved private hospitals immediately – CGHS owes around Rs. 300 crore empaneled private hospitals

Days after MAIL TODAY reported that officials of the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) are sitting on funds to the tune of  Rs 300 crore, which are meant to be disbursed among private hospitals as part of pension plan, Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has asked the central agency to act swiftly to clear the dues.

The ministry has asked the agency to coordinate with the third party administrator — UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited (UTISL) — and ensure that the dues are cleared at the earliest. The funds are expected to be cleared in next two months.

A letter has been issued to UTI by the central agency, requesting it to clear the backlog at the earliest. The CGHS has shot off the letter on Thursday, in which it has suggested the third party administrator to redesign its software.

“If they can redesign the software, it will be easier to transfer the money to private hospitals in different cities. Earlier, there used to be a delay in submitting the bills from UTI due to which every other process got delayed,” one of the CGHS officials told MAIL TODAY.

On May 8, MAIL TODAY had reported about the plight of private hospitals that have been waiting to receive funds from the central agency. According to sources, the central government agency has to pay around Rs 60 crore to Delhi By Astha Saxena in New Delhi private hospitals.

The central agency, according to sources, has decided to adopt this as a short-term measure in a bid to clear the dues. “We will later evaluate and see how effeSctively it worked. If it will give us a better result, we will continue the plan. The idea is to just simplify the entire process so that there are no more delays in future,” added the official.