Kerala State Employees – Limit of Additional HBA from Institutions raised

HBA – House Building Advance Scheme to Kerala State Government Employees – Enhancement of Limit of Additional Loan from Financial Institutions

Finance (HBA) Department

G.O.(P) No.87/2013/Fin

Dated Thiruvananthapuram 18.02.2013

Read: 1.GO(P)No.436/91/Fin.Dated 31.07.1991

2.GO(P) No.528/97/Fin. Dated 07.05.1997

3.GO (P) No.1610/99/Fin. Dated 22.07.1999

4.GO (P) No.76/08/Fin. Dated 11.02.2008

5.GO (P) No.505/09/Fin. Dated 12.11.2009

6.GO (P) No.85/2011/Fin. Dated 26.02.2011


As per the Government Order read 1st paper above, Government employees were permitted to avail House Building loans from recognized financial institutions by creating Second Mortgage on the propefi already pledged to Government.

2) As per the Government order 2nd,3rd and 4th cited the cost ceiling for creating 2nd mortgage has been enhanced thrice previously. Now the Government Order under 4h cited is running, accordingly cost ceiling limit stands 100 times of basic pay subject to the maximum of 10 lakh.

3) Employees representing various departments have approached the Government with request to enhance the cost ceiling existing under the Government Order 4th cited in view of the escalation of cost in construction had in the last 5 years. Besides pay revision makes them affordable to avail more amount as loans.

4) Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to order that the total amount of House Building Advance sanctioned by Government and the loan raised by Government Servants from outside financial Institutions by creating second mortgage shall not exceed the cost ceiling limit of 100 times of basis pay subject to maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs. All other conditions existing in the Government order read 4th paper above shall remains the same and will be followed.

(By order of the Governor)

T.Gangandharan Nambiar

Additional Secretary (Finance)

Down Kerala State Government GO for enhancement of Limit of additional Housing loan from private financial Institutions

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