Happy Birthday GConnect!!

gconnect completes one year Born to a lunch time chit-chat and nurtured by 4.5 Million strong CG community, this blue-eyed boy has turned one. GConnect was launched during March last year and has since then, grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to your support. While GConnect Team sincerely thanks all GConnectors on this memorable occasion, we would like to share some milestones of GConnect with you.

  • The readership and active participation are ultimately the real strengths of a site. During the past one year GConnect has surpassed 5 million page views with unique user visits crossing 2.2 million. gconnect stats
  • The fact that there are over 2500 Comments to date shows that GConnect users are not just passive readers but active participants, eager to voice their opinion.
  • The Discussion Board has proved to be a great place for exchanging ideas with over 3500 registered members having made more than 3000 posts.
  • As for the Chatter Box, it is one of the most used features of the GConnect with users usually hanging around well past midnight.

These are all not mere statistics. They show your collective effort to connect a community that is intelligent, responsible which has already got out of brick-and-mortar Office by adapting themselves fast to web based life. Be it an online petition to the Government on pay commission matter, an ambiguous admin issue wanted to be clarified in Discussion Board, or a puzzle posted to tease your brain, your committed participation has made this site a great success and quite popular among the community.

Especially, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and patronage of our friends and colleagues around us. We would like to thank them also specially in this occasion.

While we thank each one of you on this occasion, there are a few people who really stand out of the crowd and have been virtually driving GConnect forward. GConnect would like to thank them specially for the selfless service and contribution made by each one of them.

V. Natarajan


This gentleman may have retired from the Government Service, but is serving for a cause in GConnect Discussion Board. His posts in Discussion Board have crossed 450, which would itself reflect his commitment towards helping pensioners seeking clarifications in Discussion Board. He is an IIT’ian, completed his Post Graduation in Applied Geology at IIT, Kharagpur. He has served in Geological Survey of India and other Govt departments. He retired as the Deputy Director General in 1997. At present, apart from continuing to serve the cause of Geosciences, he engages himself in some social welfare activities also and is the President of the Pensioners’ Forum, Chennai. GConnect Team sincerely thanks him and wishes that he would continue his relentless service to all of us. He posts with the user name vnatarajan in GConnect Discussion Board. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board

Badri Iyangar

badri He is very popularly known as “Badriji” among GConnecters. He works for Central Excise Department as Superintendent of Central Excise at Surat. His patronage to GConnect right from the launch of the site is exemplary. He volunteered to keep the site free of defamations and he is one of the moderators of Discussion Board and GC Chatter Box now. He is well known for his authentic guidance in his truly official language in chatterbox as well Discussion Board. He has contributed more than 210 posts Discussion Board. While Mr.V.Natarajan is committed towards the cause of pensioners, this gentleman is equally taking care of serving officers. We sincerely thank and wish him all success. He posts in GConnect Discussion Board with the user name badri mannargudi. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board.

J. Lakshmi Narayanan


A well known name to GConnectors as he is the creator of many Excel applications posted in GConnect that helped thousands of CG employees all over the country to estimate accurately their New 6CPC pay and Arrears. He presently works in the Central Excise as Deputy Office Superintendent in Salem, Tamil Nadu. This Commerce Graduate also disproved Einstein’s quote that says “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax” – when he provides solutions for Income tax calculations to GConnect, which are later on developed as full-fledged online application by GConnect Team. He is well known among the Central Excise offices in Tamil Nadu for his selfless service in the administrative matters of his colleagues. People who haven’t seen him for a long time might not recognize him in the photo, as he is sans beard now!! We wish him all success in his life.

Sudarshana Surya Narayana


He is a Scientist, works for Central Government with the designation, Superintending Hydro-geologist at Bangalore. He is a Master in Science Specialised in Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing and GIS. He is very knowledgeable in CG Officers administrative matters also, as he provides valuable advices and suggestions to members of GConnect in the Discussion Board. He has written more than 150 posts in Discussion Board which are very much helpful GConnecters. As you could have noticed, Sudarshana utilises the Chatter Box feature in GC very well in sharing his knowledge to fellow officers. We would like to appreciate his active role in GConnect and wish him all success. He posts with the user name sudacgwb in GConnect Discussion Board. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board.



After a very successful career in Railways in various senior positions Shri.M.L.Kanaujia retired as Chief Communication Engineer during November 2001 and since then he is in to social service. He is settled now in Dehra Dun. He grabbed the oppurtunity of serving the pensioners through GConnect Discussion Board. His posts to the tune of over 190 in Discussion Board would show his dedication in sharing his knowledge with his peers. We wish him very happy Gconnecting life. He posts in GConnect Discussion Board with the user name Kanaujiaml. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board.


Jitendra is comparatively a young member of GConnect by age as he is still in his thirties. But he obtained Senior Member Qualification in GConnect by virtue of little over 240 posts contributed by him in Discussion Board. He is a Post Graduate in Mathematics and works as an Assistant in a Central Government Department. He is to be promoted as Section Officer soon. His involvement and inclination to share his knowledge to fellow members is really appreciable. He projects himself as happy helpful family man. We wish him all Success in his official career as well as family life. He posts with the user name jitendraacr in GConnect Discussion Board. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board.


As Sundarar prefers not to be in limelight for the time being, we could not provide any details of this Gentleman except that he is a post graduate in Business Administration. His contribution to our community is very noteworthy. He has posted more than 190 posts in GConnect Discussion Board. We sincerely appreciate his efforts. He posts in GConnect Discussion Board with the user name sundarar. Check this link to view his profile and posts statistics in Discussion Board.