Govt revises Interest Rate for Small Savings Schemes and PPF

The Finance Ministry (Budget Division) has issued an Office Memorandum O.M.No: 6-1/2011-NS.II (Pt) dated 26.03.2012 for revision of Interest Rates for various small saving schemes operated mainly through post offices and PPF.

Based on the recommendations of Shyamala Gopinath Committee for comprehensive review of National Small Savings Fund (NSSF), Government had earlier taken the decision that interest rates of various small savings shall be reviewed every financial year and revsions in the same to be notified before 1st of April of that year.

Accordingly the present revision in the interest rates of various small saving scheme has been made.  The following table provides the revision made:

Scheme Interest Rate w.e.f 1.12.2011 Interest Rate w.e.f 1.4.2012
Savings Deposit 4.0 4.0
1 year Time Deposit 7.7 8.2
2 year Time Deposit 7.8 8.3
3 year Time Deposit 8.0 8.4
5 year Time Deposit 8.3 8.5
5 year recurring deposit 8.0 8.4
5 year SCSS 9.0 9.3
5 year MIS 8.2 8.5
5 year NSC 8.4 8.6
10 year NSC 8.7 8.9
PPF 8.6 8.8

Download Office Memorandum dated 26.03.2012