Govt introduces low cost tablet Computer

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Mr. Kapil Sibal, Minister for Human Resource Development unveiled this week, a prototype tablet computer that would sell for a mere  1,500 (Rupees)

Interestingly, this is a touch-screen device and therefore could be called as a tablet. People say it’s a cheaper version of ipad, Apple’s recent release.

The Indian one also comes with a solar-power option that could make it more feasible for rural areas.

This is a Linux-based computer at first glance resembles an Apple iPad and features basic functions you’d expect to see in a tablet–a Web browser, multimedia player, PDF reader, Wi-Fi, and video conferencing ability. It has 2GB of RAM but no hard disk is provided. Instead you can use your memory card or a pen drive as it’s provided with USB ports. But cost wise it is only 1/14th of Apple’s ipad.

As per Government’s reports, commercial version of this tablet PC will be available in the year 2011.

In fact, students from several branches of the Indian Institute of Technology co-designed motherboards for this computer.

“This is just a prototype,” education expert Zubin Malhotra told Press People. “We need to find people who will be able to manufacture these devices at these price points and continue to develop them going forward.”

If the government can find a manufacturer, the Linux operating system-based computer would be the latest in a string of “world’s cheapest” innovations to hit the market out of India, which is home to the $2,100 compact Nano car, the $16 water purifier and the $2,000 open-heart surgery.

Source: BBC News

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