Govt contemplate for Review of Group ‘A’ Officer’s Service for efficiency

It seems the Government Machinery has started to follow the footprints of Corporate world in the recruitment policy of Key Posts.

As per the news reported in leading News Papers, the Department of Personnel and Training is contemplating to amend the recruitment rules relate to Indian Police Service, Indian Administrative Service, Indian Forest Service officers and other Group ‘A’ services to the extent that a review of service of an individual officer will be made after 15 years of service to ensure whether the said officer is really required for the Government Service.

As per the proposed modality framed for this review, officers inefficient in the work assigned to them or found to be involving themselves in corrupt practices will be weeded out.

Under existing rules, the government can weed out inefficient bureaucrats under this clause only after they have put in 30 years of service or attained the age of 55 years. However, this provision is seldom used, as already the officer will be nearer to his retirement.

This is surely an indicator of Government’s decision to be firm act against inefficient or corrupt officials.

Source: Hindustan Times