Government is reluctant to consider DA Merger, Interim relief, scrapping of NPS

Government is reluctant to consider DA Merger, Interim relief and scrapping of NPS – AIRF

All India Railwaymen Federation


HUBLI  , 18th Nov, 2014
On the eve of 90th Annual Convention of All India Railwaymen Federation, Shri, Shiva Gopal Mishra, General  Secretary, AIRF addressing the press conference informed that 90th Annual Convention of AIRF is being  organized at Hubli from 18th to 20th November, 2014, where approximately more than 30,000 Railwaymen will take  part.
While addressing the press conference on date Comrade Shiva Gopal Mishra, General Secretary, mentioned that  Government of India have constituted a “High Power Railway Re-structuring Committee” under the  Chairmanship of Shri Bibek Debroy to study all the aspects regarding functioning of Railway Board & Railway  systems and submit their report for Restructuring of the Railway system which is in existence from it’s inception which clearly indicates that Indian Railway future is at stake.
Shri Mishra also said that the Government of India and Railway Ministry have approved 100% FDI and PPP in the Railway system which will definitely hamper the functioning and operation of the Railway network, as a result of which in due course of time, the Railway users have to face a great inconvenience. The role of the capitalist in the  Railway will damage the goodwill because they will work for their profit and not for Railwaymen and public at  large.
Shri Mishra also stressed that the Government of India is reluctant to consider the long pending legitimate  demands of Railwaymen as regards the Merger of DA in Pay, Interim relief, scrapping of New Pension Scheme  and on other side various amendments in labour laws are being enforced just to crush the labour/workmen. The  All India Railwaymen Federation & JCM (staff side) have tried at the level best to settle the all demands of  Railwaymen and other Central Government employees amicably but the Government of India adamant to accede  the genuine demand of the Railwaymen and other Government employees, leaving no option left with us, except  to go on Countrywide Indefinite Strike for which the responsibility will lies on the Government.
He told that All India Railwaymen’s Federation will still try a peaceful redressel to our problems but if Central  Government & Railway Ministry could not resolve the long pending issues and will move on the path of  privatization of Indian Railways, we will be forced for precipitative action along with all the stake holders which  covers other Unions/Associations and user organizations.
He also told that this grand Convention is being hosted by the our affiliates Union South Western Railway  Mazdoor Union under the leadership of Comrade A.M.D. Cruze & their other fellow comrades.

Source: AIRF