Government committed to One Rank One Pension – Prime Minister Mr.Modi

 Government committed to One Rank One Pension – Prime Minister Mr.Modi observes in an interview with Tribune

One Rank One Pension - Govt is already committed according to Prime Minister Narendra ModiThree days after completing his first year in power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a no-holds- barred interview to The Tribune today, said his government was committed to One Rank One Pension (OROP) for ex-servicemen and that no one should have any doubts about its implementation. The PM said the Congress was politicising OROP. “The previous governments don’t have the right to speak about it because they did nothing when they were in power.”

On OROP, the PM said the government was “in constant discussions with the armed forces personnel to arrive at a please-all definition of OROP of which there are varied versions.”

“No one should have any doubts about OROP’s implementation. I want everyone to know that through The Tribune. But there are varied versions about what the definition of OROP should be. Would it be proper for me to take a decision without keeping the armed forces personnel in the loop? So we are trying to arrive at a please-all decision,” the PM said. 

In an evident dig at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi who recently threatened an agitation if OROP was not implemented soon, the PM said, “OROP for me is not a political programme. For 57 years the jawans have been demanding OROP, but the previous governments did nothing. Those who were part of then governments must realize they don’t have the right to speak on this issue.”

Asked if the government would expedite OROP, the PM said the Government was committed to it. “The government has been formed for five years.” Need Definition of One Rank One Pension, Says PM Modi 

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Interviewer: Will you deliver on the one-rank-one-pension (OROP) promise to the defence personnel? 

Modi: We are committed to OROP, but we are in consultation with defence personnel regarding the definition of OROP. Our government is here for five years, and we cannot do anything without consulting the people concerned.  The dialogue is being actively pursued. There is no need to have any doubt on this. The Tribune has a large readership among defence personnel, and through you I would like to assure them we are absolutely committed. It is just that there are too many definitions going around yet, and we are looking for one on which all stakeholders agree. For me this is not a political agenda

Source: The Tribune