GDS Union issues Agenda items for discussion with Govt

GDS Union issues Agenda items for discussion with Govt


No.GDS JCA/CHQ/6-1/2018

Dated: 27-08-2018


The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi – 110 001

Sub.: Items of agenda for discussion


Further to our letter of even No. dated 23- 08-2018 we are forwarding herewith items of agenda which require immediate solution to cool down the increasing sense of dissatisfaction and resentment amongst the Gramin Dak Sevaks over uncalled for and summary manipulation of the entire recommendations of the GDS Committee. Only meaningful negotiations will serve the purpose. A rigid stand as demonstrated in the last meeting that TRCA and other allowance would not be discussed will aggravate the situation beyond repairs and push the three unions to resort to trade union action which we sincerely want to avoid.

We hope that the administration will show similar dynamism and shun rigidity. The following items, are most agitating;-

1. Giving effect to the recommendations of the Committee w.e.f 01-01-2016: The Committee has recommended that its recommendations should be implemented with effect from 01—01-2016. But we find to our alarm, that effect to all recommendations that have been implemented has been given from later dates which hit the employees very hard. For example we can take allowances and gratuity etc.

2. Giving effect to revised TRCA matrix from 01-01-2017: We honour the recommendation of Committee that the new TRCA matrix be given effect from a prospective date, but we do not and cannot agree that it should be as late as 01-07-2018. It is not a secret that the late implementation of the TRCA matrix has dealt cumulative loss to all G.D.S. employees. The latest date of implementation can be only 01-01-2017 if 01-01-2016 is not agreed.

3. Calculation of arrears: the orders issued for calculation and Payment of arrears are vulgarization of the recommendation given by the Committee. The arrears must be calculated according to the eleven examples suggested by the Committee.

4. Financial upgradation as recommended by the Committee: The silence of the administration on this recommendation is agonizing. Financial upgradation on completion of 12 years, 24 years and 36 years of service should be granted w.e.f 01-01-2016.

5. Bunching due to fixation in new TRCA matrix: This has created a peculiar situation. Juniors and seniors have to been fixed at the same amount. To avoid this situation point to point fixation should be done before fixing in the new matrix.

6. Grant of gratuity: There has been an unjustifiable cut in the amount of gratuity and also in date of effect. The amount of gratuity must be what the Committee has recommended i.e., Rs 5 lacs and date of effect 01-01-2016 at the rate of 1/4th of salary last drown for every completed six month of service.

7. Implementation of recommendation as it is in case of contribution to Pension fund: we demand that those appointed before 01-01-2004 must be brought under the pension scheme. Regarding those appointed after 01-01-2004 the contribution should be 10% of Pay by the employee and similar amount by the Government. Pension as per CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 may be granted after counting 50% of the GDS service for pension as per the Principle CAT judgement.

8. Grant of severance amount: It should be Rs 4000 for every year of service without any ceiling of Rs.1,50,000 should be removed.

9. Grant of composite allowance: There is no justification for ad hoc cut in the composite allowance. The ground securities demand that these should be as per recommendation of the Committee including the GDS employees working in towns and cities.

10. Grant of children education allowance: This recommendation of the Committee has not been considered so far, it appears. The children are the future of the country. This stands true in case of GDS employees still more. The CEA as recommended by the Committee should be implemented.

11. Transfer facilities: This facility should be extended to GDS employees with out any reduction or financial loss in TRCA to the GDS.

12. Voluntary retirement: Special voluntary retirement scheme (one time discharge scheme for guaranteed employment) as recommended by the Committee should be implemented.

13. Put of duty: This should be avoided as far as possible. In case, it is resorted to half months salary for the first three months and 3/4th thereafter should be paid as subsistence allowance. In case of acquittal or award of minor punishment the period of put off duty should be treated as duty for all purposes.

14.Grant of medical facilities: In case of sickness, the medical expenses should be reimbursed to the G.D.S. In case of services illness specialist hospitals should be recognized for free treatment of GDS employees.

15. Single handed BOs: All single handed BO’s doing multiple work i.e, work of delivery of mail conveyance or both must necessarily be granted five hours of work and TRCA, and if the work exceeds 5 hours additional hand should be sanctioned.

16.Bonus should be at par with Departmental employees as recommended by the Committee: The condition Rs.7000 “until further orders” should be removed.

17.Combined duty allowance: Combination of duty should be avoided except during exceptional circumstances. Combined duty allowance should be enhanced.

18. Leave: The benefits of leave as recommended by the Committee should be implemented viz., paid leave enhanced to 30 days with carry forward and accumulation, Five days emergency leave, One week paternity leave.

19.Promotional avenues: Open market recruitment in the Postmen/MG/MTS rules may be removed and all vacancies may be offered to qualified GDS. Minimum qualifying service to appear the examination may be reduced to one year.

20. Five hours ceiling condition: Maximum work hours of 5 to the BO may be removed and TRCA up to 7 1/2 hours may be granted as per the work load.

21. Grant of civil servant status:

We, therefore, request you kindly to hold a purposeful meeting to discuss and decide the above issues.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

General Secretary

General Secretary

General Secretary

Source: All India Postal Union

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