GC Shopping – GConnect launches Shopping Tool to compare prices

GC Shopping – GConnect launches Shopping Tool to compare prices – We get you the best prices from over 15 leading online stores – Get to compare prices in ebay, Fipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and more

GConnect launches GC Shopping to compare prices of online stores

GC Shopping is the new online store comparison tool launched by GConnect. It would help you to compare the prices quoted by over 15 leading online stores like ebay, amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, shoppingclues and more for the product that you want to buy online.

How can I use GC Shopping to compare price of a product ?

1. Select the Product Category viz., Mobile Phone, TV, washing machine, computer, camera etc., for which to wanted to compare price, either from the links available on the top of GC Shopping or by clicking the Product Category icon/image.

2. All the items available in this product category will be displayed now with image of those items as icons. When you Click the item for which you want to compare prices, a table of leading online stores which sell this item along with price quoted by each of these online stores for this item, will be shown.

3. The price comparison table is linked to all online stores so that you can directly reach the display page of the item you want to check from a particular online store.

4. For example if you compared the price of a washing machine and found that price of a particular model is cheaper in Online store A from the list of Online stores A to H, click the online store A to directly reach the display page of that particular model of the washing machine in Online Store A. Check this display page for more details such as Detailed description, price, delivery charges if any etc., to take a decision whether to buy this model of washing machine from that online store.

Disclaimer : All the product and price related information provided in GC Shopping is for information purpose only. This information is provided on a best effort basis by refreshing the database at frequent intervels. Accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed as the information tends to change very rapidly. Please refer product catalog at the respective online store for real time information. GConnect is not connected or responsible for transactions between online store and the buyer (who reached the online store through GC Shopping)

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