Find the DNS server suited to your computer

If you are a regular user of internet you will always want the website you want to open loads very fast. At the first place, the internet connection speed should be fast enough to achieve better result.

But it is not the only crieteria to decide the fast loading of websites in your computer. One of the other main factors that decide fast user experience is the fast service of DNS server.

What is DNS server?

In simple terms, you type out a domain name say to reach the same. However, the server that hosts will have a unique identification called IP address for each of the website it hosts.

The work of any DNS server is to provide ip address of the website once the human readable domain name is given to it. So, once you type out a website address, your system will be connected to the local DNS server maintained by your internet service provider (like BSNL, Airtel who provide you internet connection), which will provide the relevant IP address of the site you requested for. If the ip address of the website you requested for is not available in the locl DNS server, it will be referred to Group Servers (such as .com servers, .in servers etc)

Therefore, no matter how fast your Internet connection speed is, a site won’t load unless the DNS server has performed the lookup successfully. Apart from the local DNS servers of your Internet service providers there are certain entities such as OPEN DNS, Google DNS etc., which provide free DNS service. Those free DNS services can be utilised by all by just configuring the DNS settings in their computer. Most of the times these free DNS services are very fast than the DNS service provided by local DNS servers of your Internet service providers.

How to determine which DNS servers are fast for your computer?

The best DNS server suited to your computer, depends on your geographic location. Google DNS may serve fast to computers located in a particular geographic location but it may be slow in providing IP address to computers from the other locations.

The free software known as DNS Benchmark makes our work easy as determines which DNS service is fast for a particular computer.

How to use DNS Benchmark?

1. Go to this DNS benchmark site to download DNSBench.exe file

2. Double click the downloaded file to open the DNS Benchmark tool.

3. Click the Run Benchmark button (Name servers tab should be selected to view this button) to start the process which will run for some time to find out which DNS server will be suitable for your computer.

4. Once the progress bar is filled up with colour , click the Conclusions tab which will give you the result.


Read following GConnect article to configure your internet settings in order to use OPEN DNS instead of DNS servers of your internet service provider

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If your computer's operating system is either windows vista or window 7, use the following video tutorial to change the DNS settings.

This video will show how a DNS server is contacted by a computer with internet connection and how an IP address of a website is given by a DNS server.

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