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For those who are much crazy about the fonts they are using in their documents to make them perfect, here is a cool website that identifies the name of the font from the image of the font you will be submitting to this cool website., WhatTheFont, find the font application, online application to find out the name of the font, find font using, online font store, how to find the font,,font image file,find font from font image

This site is basically a store for selling fonts. In addition to their core business a beta application has been introduced by them for identifying the font sent as image file.

This is an useful idea in a sense that some time we may come across certain websites with catchy fonts, which you may like to use in our creations.  To identify the font that got your attention you need to know the name of the font. That’s the job this online application tries to do for you.

When you come across a neat font just do the print screen process to take an image of the screen.  Or else you can use famous Screen capture tool such as Faststone.  Now you have image file of the font you wanted to identify. Edit the image file using a simple software such as photofiltre to the specification required by  Here is the image tips given by the Then go to and upload the image file.

If the font in your image is part of the database, then you’ve saved yourself many hours of poring through font specimen books or scrolling through page after page of fonts on various font sites.

However, even fonts that WhatTheFont application knows may be difficult to identify if the image isn’t clear enough.

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