Onam Bonus and Festival Advance to Kerala State Govt Employees

Festival Advance to the Kerala State Government Employees – Cadre wise eligibility announced.

Government of Kerala has announced festival advance for Onam Festival.  The cadre wise eligibility and the repayment procedure is given in the enclosed PDF file.

State Government Employees, Part time contingent employees,NMR/CLR workers, Grass Cutters and other categories of employees for 2015. Government have also sanctioned Adhoc bonus and Special Festival Allowance to State Government Employees and Pensioners. The eligibility for Adhoc Bonus is the employee’s basic should not exceed Rs.18,870/- on 31-03-2015

Adhoc Bonus                              : Rs. 3500/-

Special Festival Advance           : Rs. 2200/-

Temp Employees                         : Rs. 910/-

Service Pensioners                       : Rs. 670/-

Family Pensioners                        : Rs. 550/-

The Festival advance will be disbursed from 20-08-2015

onwards and the Maximum amount will be Rs.10,000/-. The advance paid for Onam festival will be recovered in 5 equal instalments

Download Kerala State Govt Onam Festival Notification.

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