Fake 7th Pay Commission Report Goes Viral in Social Media

Fake 7th Pay Commission Report Goes Viral in Social Media – It was a three page fake report, in a fake 7th CPC letter head and signed by the three members.

Dainik Bhaskar, a leading Hindi News paper from Raipur/New Delhi has claimed yesterday that the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations have been handed over to the Central Government

According to Dainik Bhaskar, the following recommendations have been made in the 7th Pay Commission report :

  • Recommendations have been made regarding salary, it is expected that the employees and officers salary will increase threefold.
  • The recommendations has provision for increment 1st July every year.
  • IAS, IFS and IRS officers will be in the same pay grade. The IFS and IRS officers were demanding equal pay grade with IPS officers for quite some time now. If this recommendation is accepted their salary will be on par with IAS.
  • The present pay structure has 32 Pay Grades.  This pay scale structure has been reduced to 13.
  • There is also a provision for education allowance for the wards of the Government Employees,  In this regard it is recommended that Children studying from class 1st to 10th will get Rs.40/- and children studying from 11th to 12th will get Rs.50/- monthly as education allowance.
  • Physically & Mentally retarded wards and children studying away from parents home will get Rs.100/- per month.
  • If a child is studying staying in hostel, the commission has recommended for Rs.300/- per month as allowance with a condition that 3 children if born before 1987 and 2 children if born after 1987 will get this benefit per family.
  • The minimum pay for Grade I has been recommended as Rs.21,200/-  ; The pay of Secretary has been recommended to increase to Rs.2,00,000 per month.
  • The retirement age has been fixed at 60 years or maximum of 33 years Service.
  • Option for VRS, after 55 years or 30 years of service.
  • HRA fixed as 25% for A, B1 and B2 Cities and 20% for rural areas.
Pay Scale Proposed Minimum and Maximum pay in the Scale
S1 to S4 Rs.21,200 to Rs.67,700
S5 to S6 Rs.22,100 to Rs.67,700
S7 to S8 Rs.25000 to Rs.68,000
S9 to S12 Rs.39,900 to Rs.81,600
S13 and S14 Rs.40,980 to Rs.82,080
S15 Rs.43,140 to Rs.83,040
S16 and S17 Rs.62,600 to Rs.82,320
S18 to S20 Rs.Rs.62,740 to Rs.92,500
S21 to S23 Rs.68,440 to Rs.93,940
S24 & S25 Rs.1,38,520 to 1,57,840
S.26 & S27 Rs.1,39,060 to 1,58,080
S30 Rs.2,00,000

Source: Dainik Bhaskar


However, now it turns out that this news is based on a fake copy of the 7th Pay Commission report which was circulated by some mischievous person(s) in the social media.  Soon after that this fake report went viral in social media without knowing that it was a ‘FAKE’.

The wordings in this fake 7th Pay Commission report itself expose that this is a fake in order to spread rumours among Central Government Employees community.

Some of the points in the report

1. Report says 7th CPC was given 15 months time to submit its report as against its actual term of 18 months

2. While Govt is already granting more than Rs. 15000, and 36,000 per year as children education allowance and Hostel Subsidy respectively, the report quotes some paltry amount in the range of Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per month as revised Education allowance and hostel subsidy.

Click here to see Fake 7th Pay Commission report