Edit google Map for your needs using quikmaps online tool

Google Maps is the one of the most useful online tools for us nowadays.  We tend to use online google maps by going to the site (maps.google.c o.in)and look for the places we want to see by typing out the name of the places.  Getting directions between two places is the other activity we do normally in google maps, especially we want to visit a new place.quickmap to customize google map

Fine.  Do we use google maps more than that?  Have you ever tried for customising google maps for your own need such as sending a route map to your friend who sought your help to visit a place?  Or, your kid might have sought your help to finish a geography home work of locating various places in the world map with specific markings and also wanted copy of the same to submitted in the class room.

Then, quikmaps.com (not quickmaps.com) will come to your rescue.  quikmaps is a fine online tool to customize google maps to your need.  There are lot of google maps customization softwares are in the earth, but quikmaps stands out for its userfriendliness.  With quikmaps you can easily customize google map without using ‘My maps’ feature of google maps (which is a complicated process for a novice user).

Steps to use quikmaps:

  • Go to quikmaps.com
  • Sign up (Register) for a free account.
  • Login to your account.
  • Google map will be opened up in a window with plenty easy to use marking tools such marker icons, lines, scribble (freehand lines), text box, description box.
  • Just go to the place you wanted by typing out in the Go to text field on the top and then use marker tools for your need.  Once marking is complete you can save the map using save it button.  You can have any number of maps in saved mode in your account at quikmaps.
  • A url (web address link ) will be given for each map, which you can use it in your browser at any time.  You can also send this url to your friend who wanted a route map from you.
  • For offline use, open the map in your browser using the url supplied for the map and take a screenshot image using print screen option in your keyboard.  This image can be used in text processing programs such as Microsoft word or for taking a printout.
  • For advance users, you maps can be downloaded in kml format (google earth and google maps will open this file format) and gpx format (xml format meant for gps navigation devices)


Have look at this slide show to get know more about quikmaps