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Mind Mapping is basically organizing your thoughts with a detailed diagram so that you do not lose out on anything and basically a great way to give an insights into a plan. We can say a mind map is something similar to a flow chart without the logical operators thrown in.   It is more like a visual representation of a plan which with one glance can be understood by another person without much explaining to do.

While you are used to prepare a mind map diagram manuall with a use of a pencil and paper, how about preparing the same using an online tool.  The advantages are mind maps created by you are colorful, neat and presentable form and you can insert these mind map diagrams in your documentations at any time.

Text to Mind Map:

This is a simple and cool online Mind Map creator Tool.  We have plenty of online Mind Map tools online but this one is a bit different in the aspect of creation of map merely by providing a list of elements that you wanted to mention in your mind map in a hirarcial manner.  In other words you will get a mind map without putting any effort on drawing.  Once you get the diagram right you can easily align, color, magify to suit to your style.

How to use text2mindmap:

Go to text2mindmap.com

A basic mind map about  months of the year given as illustration in the home page of this website is a very good example.  You could see that Months of the year title is in the first level of the list with seasons in the second level and months which are coming under each season are mentioned corresponding to each season in the third level.  Once you replace this list with your list for creating mind map of your choice, you have to click “Convert to Mind Map”.  You can then use the panel on the right side to change the color, text size etc.

As an illustration we provide here a screen captured demo that uses the following list about the Transport Allowance applicable to central Government Officers which is converted as Transport allowance Mind Map using this Online Tool.

Transport allowance

Grade pay of Rs.5400 and above
A1/A cities
Rs.3200 + DA
Other Places
Rs.1600 + DA
Grade pay of Rs.4200, 4600, and Rs. 4800
A1/A cities
Rs.1600 +DA
Other Places

Grade pay below Rs.4200
A1/A cities
Rs.600 +DA
Other Places

Just copy this list and replace the list existing in the online tool.  That’s it you are ready with Transport Allowance mind map.  For more details watch the following demo.