Design Google way

The most simple and elegant design of google search engine and its result page has inspired many to mimic the same in the design of things that they use in their day to day life.

This is a funny design of a Google post card made with an imagination that google existed even before internet was born.

See this wild idea based on our addiction towards Google.  Don't get bothered by the stuff like 'Google Gulp (Beta), DNA scanner embedded in your lip, Auto-Drink technology, electrolytic neuro- transmitter and all.  They are all pure imagination.   Probably we are yet to go that level!

This idea is of course could reduce the thickness of your purse if you show this google saree photo to your wife.  Any way this saree may not be   in our reach because it has been designed by Satya Paul a very famous name in Indian Fashion Industry.

And finally, the latest one.  This is a wedding card that emulates a google result page.   The wordings related to marriage at the appropriate places of google result page is really fantastic.  This idea has struck to Nagalakshmi Viswanathan (call Nags) an employee of Google at Singapore.  She has chosen to design her wedding card in google way.  See her profie in her blog edible garden.

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