Delhi Police writes to Home Ministry: Match our salaries with CBI and IB

Delhi Police writes to Home Ministry: Match our salaries with CBI and IB

Stating that sub-inspectors, inspectors and assistant commissioners are “the most important cog in the wheel of the policing system”, the Delhi Police has urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to revise their pay scales to bring them on par with officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

In a letter to the Additional Secretary in the ministry, Special Commissioner of Police (Headquarters) R S Krishnia has written that these three ranks “account for 10.38 per cent of the total force in terms of number” and are the “link between the gazetted and non-gazetted ranks”, which means they “work in the field besides assisting in decision making”.

Krishnia, in the letter, stated that the Delhi Police has a sanctioned strength of 88,823 personnel to maintain law and order, and since Delhi is also the capital, the officers perform “additional duties and responsibilities” from time to time.

“Constabulary forms the largest chunk of it, constituting 89.44 per cent of the total workforce. Mid-rank post of sub-inspectors, inspectors and assistant commissioners of police account for 10.38 per cent of the total force in terms of numbers. These three middle-level ranks are mainly constituted by officers joining as direct recruit SI and undoubtedly they are the axis of policing in Delhi.

However, on the contrary, this entire lot of officers is ‘demoralised and down hearted’ due to the poor state of their career progression. For becoming SI to inspector, six years was stipulated time for promotion as per recruitment rules, but actual time in promotion is 17-20 years. For inspector to ACP, the stipulated time was supposed to be three years, but the actual time is 15-17 years,” he wrote.

Apart from comparing their salaries with other state police forces, Krishnia invoked the pay scale of the CBI and the IB.

“Since 3rd Central Pay Commission, the pay scales of these three ranks was equivalent with their counterparts in CBI and IB. But after the 7th Pay Commission, personnel of these three ranks were left behind,” he wrote.

He said that just like in the IB, Delhi Police officers are required to collect intelligence using sources and locals informers.

“There is a full-fledged intelligence wing headed by special CP (intelligence) in Delhi Police. Similarly, the registration and investigation of all types of criminal cases is one of the main tasks in CBI. But apart from investigating large number of criminal cases, the officers of Delhi Police also perform law and order and security-related duties,” he said in the letter.

Source: IE