Dearness Relief Order issued for Rajasthan State Pensioners and Family Pensioners

Rajasthan State Government Grants additional Dearness Relief of 7% with effect from 1st July 2012 to Pensioners and Family Pensioners

Revised Dearness Relief from July 2012 will be 72%





Jaipur, dated : 27-09-2012


Subject: – Grant of Dearness Relief to State Government Pensioners.

The Governor is pleased to order that the existing rate of Dearness Relief sanctioned vide Finance Department Order of even number dated 25.03.2012 to the State Government Pensioners who are in receipt of superannuation, retiring, invalid, compensation, family and extra ordinary pension etc. shall be revised from 65% to 72% with effect from 01.07.2012.

For the purpose of this order –

(I) Pension/Family Pension in the case of pre-01.09.2006 retirees and where Family Pension was sanctioned prior to 01.09.2006, means the Consolidated Pension or Consolidated Family Pension, as the case may be, effective from 01.09.2006 in terms of Finance Department Memorandum No. F.12(3)FD(Rules)/ 2008 dated 12.09.2008.

(ii)    In the case of pensioners who retire from service on or after 01.09.2006 or where family pension is sanctioned for the first time on or after 01.09.2006, Pension/Family Pension means the Basic Pension/Basic Family Pension, as the case may be, in terms of Finance Department Notification No. F.12(3)FD(Rules)/ 2008 dated 12.09.2008.

(iii)    Dearness Relief will also be admissible on the additional quantum of pension (family pension allowed to the pensioners who have attained the age of 80 years and above.

(iv)    Payment of Dearness Relief involving a .fraction of a rupee shall be rounded off to the next higher rupee.

(v)    Other provisions governing grant of dearness relief to pensioners’ such as regulation of dearness relief during employment/re-employment, regulation of dearness relief where more than one pension is drawn etc., will remain unchanged.

(vi)    This order shall also be applicable in case of Pensioners/Family Pensioners who are in receipt of provisional pension.

(vii) This order shall not be applicable in case of Old Age Pensions,Political Pensions or any other kind of similar pensions. which are not related to the service rendered under Government

(viii) Dearness Relief at revised rates as above would also be admissible to pensioners who retired/retire from service of Panchayat Sarruti or Zila Parishad and whose Pension Payment Orders have been issued by the Director. Local Fund Audit Department or Director. Pension acid Pensioners Welfare Department, Rajasthan. Jaipur

Download Rajasthan State Government Dearness Relief Order No.F.12(4)FD(Rules)/2008 dated 27.09.2012

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