No DA Merger, No increase in Retirement Age but Interim Relief on the cards

No DA Merger, No increase in Retirement Age but Interim Relief on the cards – Postal Inspectors Association

All India Association of Inspectors and Assistant Superintendents Posts (AIAIASP), in its website has come up with an information to the effect that since Merger of DA with Basic Pay and increasing Retirement Age may not be possible before General Elections, Cabinet did not take these two proposals in to consideration.

All India Postal Inspectors Association has also informed that instead of DA Merger and Raising Retirement Age to 62, there are possibilities of announcing Interim Relief to Central Government Employees and Pensioners by Government before General Elections

Here is the extract of Interim Relief News published in All India Postal Inspectors Website

Proposals of Enhancement of Retirement age and Merger of D.A may not materialize

It was learnt from the sources close to the Union Government that the proposals of Enhancement of Retirement age of Central Government Employees from 60 to 62 years and Merger of D.A to basic pay may not be materialized now before General elections. Accordingly, these two proposals have not been taken up for consideration by the union Cabinet in its meeting held on friday. But there is possibility to announce Interim Relief (I.R) before elections.

Source : All India Association of IPs/ASPs (CHQ)

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