Compensatory Allowance equivalent to Dearness Relief on Family Pension

Compensatory Allowance equivalent to Dearness Relief on Family Pension to probationer trainee





No. F.12(4) FD(Rules) /2008

Jaipur,dated: 21 SEP 2012

Subject: – Grant of compensatory allowance equal to amount of Dearness Relief on Family Pension to probationer trainee who are in receipt of Family Pension.

   Government servants appointed as probationer trainee on the death of their spouse while in service under the Rajasthan Compassionate Appointment of Dependents of deceased Government Servants Rules 1996 were allowed compensatory allowance equal to the amount of Dearness Relief admissible to them from time to time on family pension during the period of probation in addition to fixed remuneration under Finance Department Order of even number dated 04-03-2011 which is effective from 01-03-2011 whereas the provisions of payment of fixed remuneration to the probationer trainee were introduced with effect from 20-01-2006.

   Accordingly the matter has been considered and the Governor is pleased to order that FD order of even number dated 04-03-2011 shall be effective from 20-01-2006 instead of 0l-03-2011.

By order the Governor


(Akhil Arora)

Secretary to the Government

Finance (Budget)

Download Order No. F.12(4) FD(Rules) /2008 dated 21.09.2012 issued by Rajastan State Government

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