Two Years of Child Care Leave to Assam State Govt Employees

Press release on Child Care Leave up to 730 days allowed for Assam State Govt Employees

Assam State Government has issued press release No.796 announcing the Child Care Leave up to 730 days allowed for its employees

Janasanyog, Assam

Press Release No. 796

2 years Child Care Leave for Women Employees

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Dispur, August 4: Assam Government has added a new provision as SR-121(2) in the Fundamental Rules and Subsidiary Rules after SR-121(1), which would enable women employees of the state government to enjoy a maximum period of two years i.e. 730 days of Child Care Leave (CCL), after being granted the same by an authority competent to grant leave, during their entire service period for taking care of up to two minor children for nurturing and other purpose.

The CCL is subject to certain conditions like, being applicable only in case where the child is a minor (less than 18 years of age), the women employee shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave, may be availed in more than one spell. It shall not be debited against leave account and may also be allowed for the third year as leave not due (without production of Medical Certificate).

The CCL may be combined with leave of any other kind, if due and admissible and its nature shall be like Earned Leave and hence Saturdays, Sundays & Gazetted holidays, etc. Falling during the period of leave would also be counted. However, it cannot be demanded as a matter of right and under no circumstances can any employee proceed on CCL without prior sanction. It is also not admissible during the probation period. The period of wilful absence or unauthorised absence shall not be converted into CCL. The period of Earned Leave or any other kind of leave already sanctioned or availed shall not be converted into CCL with retrospective effect.

An application for grant of CCL by a woman employee already on Leave (other than CCL) within India or abroad, who submits her application for grant of CCL, may be considered provided if she submits application one month before the expiry of Leave. If CCL is not sanctioned by the competent authority before the expiry of Leave, she shall have to join her duty. LTC shall not be admissible while on CCL and the provision of CCL is applicable with immediate effect.

P.S. 04-08-2015
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