Charlie Chaplin in the Lion’s Cage

charlieCharlie Chaplin was one of the greatest and widely loved silent movie stars. Thought of by many as the greatest comedian of all time, Charlie Chaplin started his career in Cinema only as an Actor in the year 1914. From 1915 onwards Chaplin wrote, directed, produced, scored and, of course, starred in all his movies.

He was best known for his character, the naive and lovable Little Tramp. The Little Tramp, a well meaning man in a raggedy suit with cane, always found himself wobbling into awkward situations and miraculously wobbling away. More than any other figure, it is this kind-hearted character that we associate with the time before the talkies.

Chaplin’s slapstick acrobatics made him famous, but the subtleties of his acting made him great. Also, Chaplin was known as one of the most demanding men in Hollywood. He shot and printed hundreds of takes when making a movie, each one a little experimental variation.

For an instance, in the movie “The Circus” for the scenes with the lions Chaplin made some 200 takes, in many of which he was actually inside the lion’s cage. His looks of fear are not all merely acting.

Ultimately, those Scenes popularly known as “Charlie Chaplin – In the Lion’s Cage” came up very well.

Watch this short clip from Charlie Chaplin’s 1928 classic ‘The Circus’ which was shared by Mr.A.Jebastin, Inspector of Customs, Chennai, with GConnect.

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