Charlie Bit My Finger – A money maker!

With his two young sons happily side by side in an armchair, Howard Davies-Carr did what many a proud father would do: he grabbed his camcorder hoping to capture an innocent family moment.

But what happened next has become a global phenomenon. This ameture video was watched 436 million times in YouTube video in the Internet. The video shows three-year-old Harry putting his arms around one-year-old Charlie, who bites one of his brother’s fingers.

Harry finds this funny, so places his finger in Charlie’s mouth again. He obligingly bites down a second time — but hard.

Harry’s face is a picture as the pain slowly registers, and indignant howls follow. He then announces crossly: ‘Charlie bit me!’

As for Charlie — he just giggles.

Mr Davies-Carr’s decision to upload this 57-second film onto YouTube not only propelled the children into the international spotlight, but also earned the family more than $5, 00,000.

The video, entitled Charlie Bit My Finger — Again! went viral (an internet term for spreading like wildfire) and to date has been watched nearly 436 million times worldwide — the equivalent of every man, woman and child in Britain viewing it six times. It remains the most viewed YouTube video that is not a professional music video.

‘Lots of people know that YouTube is a place to upload and watch inspiring videos,’ says Sara Mormino, head of YouTube Online Content Partnerships for Europe. ‘But a lot of people don’t realise that they can earn cash from their videos as well.

The way it works is through a ‘partnership’ with the website. YouTube monitors all uploads and, if it believes a video will go viral, a representative from the site will contact the person who posted it.

Revenue from advertisements placed around the clip is then shared between the site and the film’s creator (presumably to encourage people to post yet more videos, as Howard did) — with the creator receiving the majority of the split — resulting in some users earning a six-figure sum.

Watch this famous Charlie Bit My Finger-Again!

Source: Wikipedia, Mashable