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Central Govt hand shaking 5 Lakh employees? – PIBFactcheck

Central Govt hand shaking 5 Lakh employees? – PIBFactcheck

Nowadays, Rumors and Fake News circulate on social media continuously, since the nationwide lockdown caused by corona virus. Recently, a Hindi News paper published that there were plans to lay off 5 lakh central government employees and further stated that employees in railways and Indian Ordnance Factories Service are likely to be fired and that they would also receive a lesser amount of pension. It has gone viral on social media and WhatsApp.

PIB FactCheck news

According to PIB Fact Check, the message shared on WhatsApp and Facebook is completely wrong. PIB has warned everyone not to believe all the news coming from social media. Because it may spread confusion among the people and create a terrible as well as the panic situation.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/factcheck.aspx

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