Central Government Employees Strike planned on 23.11.2015 deferred

Central Government Employees Strike planned on 23.11.2015 deferred as NJCA was geared up yet for a full time agitation such as indefinite Strike


September 30,2015

All members  of the NJCA

Dear Comrade,

The National JCA met today on 30.09.2015. In the background of the engineered delay in the submission of the 7th   CPC report, the meeting reviewed the decision to go for indefinite strike action commencing from 23rd  Nov.2015 and arrived at the following conclusions.

1.        The  7th CPC,  as  per  the  indication  the  NJCA  had,  concluded  its deliberations and finalised its report. But due to the pressure exerted by the GOI the report is not likely to be out till the Bihar election is going to be concluded  on  8.11.2015.

2.         Even if the report is given, the Government might plead for some more time to consider the same and arrive at conclusions.

3.         Even though  the charter of demand contain other major issues, viz FDI, outsourcing, New Pension Scheme etc, the CPC related issues especially the revision of wages has its own significance and struggle without the said issue is impracticable.

4.        The meeting also noted that after the impressive march to parliament held on 28th April,  2015, no serious programme of action was  undertaken, which has created a certain complacency in the movement. The meeting noted the necessity to rejuvenate the NJCA functioning at all levels.

5.          It was  also noted that there  are states  which  have  not held the state  level conventions and  consequently have   not  brought   into  being   the  state apparatus  required  to spearhead  a serious  action  like indefinite  strike.

6.         In view of above  mentioned  conclusions,   the National  JCA  has decided  to defer  the strike  action  slated  for 23rd  November 2015 to a date during the Budget session of the parliament i.e from Feb to April 2016. The exact date of commencement  of the strike will be decided by the National JCA when the  th CPC report is available.

7.       The NJCA also has decided to call upon all Federations of Central Government  Employees to  organise  a  massive  protest  demonstration infront of all work-spots/offices on 19th   November 2015 wearies  Black Badge to register our anger   and  resentment  over  the   Government’s action in engineering delay in the submission of the report by the th CPC.

8.         The National JCA leaders and all standing council members will sit on a day long Dharna at Jantar Mantar on 19.11.2015 by wearies  Black Badge to highlight the anti worker attitude of the GOI and its concerted efforts to undermine the functioning of JCM.

We also send herewith the resolution adopted at the meeting which has been forwarded to the Government already.

With greetings

Encl: Resolution

 Comradely yours,

(Shiva Gopal Mishra)


Source: Confederation