Central Government Employees Retirement Age to 62 – Latest update

Central Government Employees Retirement Age to 62 – Media reports indicate retirement age revision is likely to be taken up by Government

After being popular for some time, retirement age issue of Central Government Employees was receiving muted response as Government had categorically stated to have no proposal to increase  retirement of Central Government Employees as reply to a Rajya sabha question

However, retirement age news published by Media today indicates UPA Government might take up Retirement Age issue as an image booster

The Union Government is seriously considering raising the retirement age to 62 for Central Government employees. Obviously, if the Congress announces this before the Lok Sabha polls, it could expect a sizable vote share. North Block, which houses the Union Ministry of Finance would be more than happy to have 62 years as the retirement age because for next two years the pension funds can accumulate. The UPA2 also wants to put the next government in fiscal tight spot, or what is called the War Room effect of the AICC.


Source : news.rediff.com