BSNL to permanently close telephone connection if bill not paid in 90 days

State run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has taken an important decision to the effect that Land line Telephone Connections for which telephone bill amount were not paid for more than 90 days will be permanently closed.

Earlier BSNL was taking this closure action after lapse of 180 days.

This decision has been taken considering allotment of resources like cable pairs, ports and numbers getting spared through permanent closure of such telephones to the new customers.

The detailed order in this connection issued by BSNL is as follows


(A Government of India Enterprise)

Dated: 6th November 2012.

No.2-2/2011-BSNL/TR (Pt.)


All Heads of Telecom Circles/Metro Telephone Districts

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

Sub:- Revision of time period for permanent closure of telephone connection after disconnection due non payment – regarding

Ref:- Corporate office letter No.:-2-2/2011-BSNL/TR(Pt.) dated 09th Dec.-11

Kind reference is invited to this office letter of even No. dated 09-12-2011 referred to above prescribing instructions regarding extension of time limit for permanent closure of telephones disconnected due to non-payment from 90 days to 180 days.

In this regard, most of the Circles on the basis of certain valuable inputs have requested for reversal of the said instructions. Accordingly, the matter has been re-examined and based on the feedback / suggestions received from Circles, It has been decided to reduce the time period for closure of telephones, disconnected due to non-payment of dues to 90 days. The resources like cable pairs, ports and numbers getting spared through permanent closure of such telephones can be allotted to the new customers.

The above instructions will he applicable to those fixed line connections whose outgoing calls are barred w.e.f. 1st November 2012. As regards all other customers whose outgoing calls are barred prior to this date (i.e., upto 31-10-2012), the period for permanent closure will remain 180 days after date of disconnection due to non-payment.

All out efforts should, however, be made by the units to persuade the customers during the period of 90 days from DNP date, to not only make the payment of outstanding dues but also to rejoin BSNL and start reusing the service. In this connection, instructions regarding holding of exit interviews of subscriber leaving landline and broadband service of BSNL, issued vide this office letter No.43-3/2011/NWO-l-CFA dated 17th August, 2012, may also be followed meticulously.

Apart from action points mentioned above, following action may also be taken:

1. Efforts should be made to collect the mobile number and email address of landline customers. A drive should he carried out in all SSAs within one month to call/visit the customer premises to get the required data. After collection of the said data. SMS and Email reminder should be sent to customers who do not make payment of bill within 3 days of the due date for payment of the bill.

2. Besides reminders through Automatic Payment Reminder System (APRS) as per prescribed procedure, manual telephonic reminder may be given by BSNL staff under AO (TR) to all the customers who have not deposited outstanding dues within 10 days after due date of payment. For this purpose 2 to 4 Sr.TOAs need to be posted under AO (TR).

3. If the outstanding dues are not paid even after giving telephonic reminder, one staff member TRI from TR section along with line man of the concerned section should visit the customer premises jointly and pursue the customer for making payment of outstanding dues.

4. In case the outstanding dues are not recovered or subscriber is not cooperating, poster of non payment giving details of the dues may be considered to be posted in front of the House of the customer.

5. All these steps shall be completed during the period from the due date of payment of bill upto 90 days from the date of disconnection of telephone due to non-payment. Thereafter, in case of non-receipt of payment, the telephone be closed permanently.

6. After this, the defaulting customer may be served legal notice and necessary action prescribed under the existing guidelines may be taken to recover the dues.

This issues with the approval of Director (CFA).



GM (Finance)-CFA