Arjun managed to reduce 100 kg in a Year

The journey from weighing 196 kgs to 96 kgs was an amazing one for Arjun Bachala.

He reached this goal after a decade-long struggle of fighting fat. This young man, at only 25, was suffering from morbid obesity.

His weight had ballooned to 196 kilos, making his life miserable. After trying various methods to lose weight for 10 years, he finally opted for bariatric surgery, which proved the ideal solution and worked miraculously fast for him.

“Usually people who opt for this surgery lose around 50 kilos in a year, but Arjun has responded very well and has lost 100 kilos in a year, which is almost like a miracle,” said Dr Ravishankar Bhat, senior consultant surgical gastro-intestinal and liver transplant surgeon, Apollo Hospital.

Arjun’s was a case of clinically severe obesity and he was at high risk for obesity-associated ailments. In fact for Arjun it was difficult even to move around when he weighed 196kgs. “In fact when he came here he was very depressed because he was humiliated by his colleagues and unable to work.

“So we suggested bariatric surgery for him and we have reduced the space in his stomach by 80 per cent,” said the doctor. The pouch-like stomach has been converted into a small tube-shaped stomach now, which has reduced his appetite remarkably.

“It feels like I have got a new life,” said Arjun, who had even started getting heat boils on his body because the excess fat accumulation led to a lot of sweating.

“I was tired of this life because for almost 10 years I had been trying various ways to reduce weight, but nothing seemed to be working. It was only then that my uncle Dr.Subramanyam, chief HOD anaesthesiologist at Apollo Hospital recommended this surgery to me, which has changed my life,” said Arjun, who now feels very confident. He is in the construction business and he thinks he can do justice to his job.

“Earlier I could not run around, even standing for a while made my knees ache, but of late I am a changed person. I can do everything. It feels great to be a normal person like anyone else,” smiled Arjun.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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