Airbus A380 “Superjumbo” the Biggest Commercial Airliner

The Airbus A380 Takes off With a 239-foot-long fuselage (the length of eight London double-decker buses), a 262-foot wingspan (enough room to park 70 cars) and an engine thrust at takeoff equivalent to 2,500 cars, the A380 is longer, taller, wider and 118 tons heavier than the reigning heavyweight, Boeing’s 747. The force of the aircraft’s four Rolls Royce engines is significanat—which each provide about 70,000 lbs. of thrust.

The another feature that Airbus loves to talk about: Tthe fact you can eavesdrop on conversations is possible because the plane cabin noise level is lower than on the competition. Airbus has claimed that the cabin noise is 50-percent less than what you would experience on a 747. (Not everyone might agree that the ability to hear people’s chatter more clearly is an advantage, however, although Airbus chief operating officer John Leahy claims the reduction in background din can help reduce jet lag.)

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