Agitation by Central Excise, Service Tax & Customs officers

Press Release Ref. No. 43/P/12 Dt. 26.09.12 issued by Shri.Ravi Malik, Secetrary General, All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers is reproduced here.

Agitation by Central Excise, Service Tax & Customs officer

The group ‘B’ gazetted to group ‘D’ officers of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax observed complete fast today on 26.09.12 throughout the country.

All the Superintendents, Inspectors, Preventive Officers, Administrative Officers, Senior Tax Assistants, Tax Assistants, Stenographers, Drivers, Head Havaldars, Havaldars & Sepoys participated in the programme. None of them ate anything today and all of them bore black badges throughout the day.

Peaceful lunch hour demonstrations were also held by them in office compounds. The programme was observed by them without hampering the official work throughout India demanding better promotions, pay scales and worth working conditions. They have been observing different programmes to redress their grievances at least for last 5 years in the Gandhian manner but nobody listened to them despite of the major govt. revenue being earned by them in the form of Central Excise duty, Customs duty & Service Tax.

Their cadre restructuring meant for removal of stagnation is pending with govt. for last more than 5 years while the next cadre restructuring becomes due in 5 years. It is not being implemented despite of the approval by the Department of Expenditure as well as Finance Minister. Department of Personnel is delaying it without any justification or valid reason.

These officers will be forced to observe big programmes in future, if the authorities keep continued to give deaf ear to them. The members of around 10 All India Associations under Central Board of Customs & Central Excise took part in the programme. Their officers are forced to retire with single or no promotion in 35-40 years of service career on account of decades long acute stagnation while their counterparts are getting 5 to 6 promotions in other departments.

They are deprived of appropriate pay scales while their counterparts are getting higher pay scales. They are facing the worst career prospects as well as working conditions. Their counterparts of CBI, IB etc. were granted higher pay scale as well as higher post in 1986 being placed in group ‘A’. Even their counterparts of State services are far better placed than them in r/o pay, promotions, MACP benefits, working conditions etc.

The employee grievance redressal mechanism has totally been failed and no prescribed meetings are being conducted by the administration under the scheme as the authorities have no time to see staffside. They were committed so many things on 18.01.11 at the time of presentation of cadre restructuring proposal but none of the commitments is being fulfilled by the govt. The authorities are not interested to solve their genuine problems at all.

Their IRS authorities have ensured upto 9 promotions as well higher pay packages while they are being ignored & discriminated in every field.
The counterparts of the Superintendents, Inspectors & Preventive Officers are retiring in PB4 in other departments while they are forced to retire in PB2 resulting a huge difference in their salaries, pension and other benefits. The verdict given on 03.08.11 and 30.03.12 by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in r/o their promotional avenues is also not being implemented.

They are also not being granted the due benefits under the MACP scheme announced by the govt. to modify the existing ACP scheme to grant 3 financial upgradations. Rather this scheme has been proved harmful for them as they are getting now after 30 years of service which they were getting after 24 years of service under ACP scheme. The recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission under para 7.15.24 to grant them higher pay scale and chapter 3.1 to grant them parity with counterparts of headquarters offices like Central Secretariat Service are also not being implemented.

They have been granted the time scale in PB2 after four years of service while their counterparts in other departments and headquarters offices have been granted this benefit in PB3. They are not being granted the arrears of pay, time scale, promotions and stepping up of pay despite of the orders of courts including Supreme Court. They are being promoted to junior time scale posts while their counterparts in other departments of headquarters offices as well as State services are being promoted to senior time scale posts. Their service is also being counted in discriminatory manner resulting them a loss of around 1 year than their counterparts of headquarters offices in all the benefits. Their officers are being promoted on ad hoc basis for last 15 years without regularising them.

Charter of demands

1. Immediate implementation of the cadre restructuring without any cut as already approved by the Expenditure.

2. Parity with other counterparts either in the cadre restructuring or independent of it to retire our officers in PB-4.

3. Immediate fulfilment of the commitments made during the presentation on cadre restructuring proposal on 18.01.11 in consonance of the submissions made by the Association vide its Ref. No. 13/11 Dt. 27.01.11.

4. At least four functional promotions in the service career.

5. Immediate implementation of the Supreme Court verdict dt. 03.08.11/30.03.12 abiding all the ad hoc promotions with new recruitment rules.

6. Time-scale in PB3 & direct promotion of Superintendent to senior group ‘A’.

7. Initial grade pay of Rs. 5,400/- in PB3 w.e.f. the date of the grant of this grade pay/equivalent pay scale to the other analogous counterparts of IB, CBI etc. 

8. At least a grade pay of Rs. 6,600-/ & 7,600/- on IInd & IIIrd MACP upgradation without offsetting with time scale on the lines of MACPS adopted by the Uttar Pradesh government or even on better lines.

9. Finalisation of in-situ promotion scheme under consultation of the Association.

10. Counting of regular service in consonance of the letter F. No. A/60/13/RTI/2006-Ad.IIIB Dt. 26.05.11 of CBEC.

11. Parity between the officers of headquarters organisations and field offices as recommended by the 6th CPC in chapter 3.1 of its report. 

12. Holding of regular minuted meetings under employee grievances redressal mechanism.