Addition of Private Hospital under Medical Attendance Rules

Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2003 – Addition of Private Hospital



No: F.6(4) FD (rules)/ 2003 Pt.                                                                                                     Jaipur, dated    4 SEP 2012

Sub: Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2003 — List of ‘Approved Hospitals’.

On the recommendation of the Health Benefit Advisory Committee constituted as per the provisions contained in item (ii) ot Rule 4 of Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2008, the State Government hereby includes the following hospital, as “Approved Hospital” as defined in Rule 3(7) of the aforesaid rules, in the Appendix – I of Rajasthan Civil Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 2008 at Sr. No. 42:

Multi Specialty Hospital :

45. Kamla Nagar Hospital, Jodhpur


(1)    The reimbursement of the expenses of treatment in above hospital will be subject to ceilings issued vide State Government order No.F 6(4) / ED/ Rules/2003 Pt. Dated 16-12-2009,4-2-2010, 1-6-2010 and subsequent orders issued in this regard.

(2)    The rates of various treatments and discounts offered to State Government Employees and Pensioners, in the above hospital can be seen on the Finance Department website http://www finance. in.

(Akhil Arora)
Finance Secretary (Budget)

Download Order No: F.6(4) FD (Rules)/2003 Pt. dated 04.09.2012

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