A day in life of India

Recently Times of India published a large size cartoon on the first page of its daily edition.

We just wanted to post the same to gconnect readers so that who did not have the chance to see this cartoon could also enjoy.

This cartoon depicts chaotic life of an Indian Citizen in a humorous sense.

We normally say India is a Country that follows the principle of "Unity in Diversity".  But this cartoon sarcastically says "India is a bundle of contradictions"

What Times of India says about the theme of this cartoon?

A day in the life of India:

You 'd run out of words long before you would run out of an India that all those words describe.  And in not just one language, but may including SMS India is not a contradiction in terms.  It sets the terms for all contradiction.  It's the world's biggest and most energetic democracy, where people chuck out governments as frequently as they chuck out their garbage.  It's a byword for immense wealth and terrible poverty, a realm of billionaires and beggars, the Maha Kumbh Mela and Mega malls, tantrics and twitter.

Have you ever seen large 'Commit No Nuisance' sign and line of men standing under it and peeing?  A state of the art expressway with cows roaming across it?  A train with more people sitting on the roofs of the coaches than the passengers inside?  A booze shop advertising 'Chilled Bear Served Hear'?

As we celebrate the 61st year of our raucous and irrepressible republic, we invite your share the sights and sounds, the scenes and the surprises, that you feel make India, India.  Join us in what we hope will be the biggest exercise ever in collective story telling: A day in the life of India.  Hosted on www.day.in.  Turn the page to out more.

Jai Ho! And Ho Jaye

And here is the Cartoon you would love to see. Click the following cartoon image to zoom it. You can click on it again to get even larger cartoon! You can also use + symbol found on the top of image in the next screen to further enlarge the cartoon. Use – symbol to reduce the size and use x symbol to close the larger image screen

The times of India has also a launched a website called adayinlife.timesofindia.com in this theme.