9 things that are extremely useless for your life

We all want to lead better lives. We all want to be happy too!

Yet, this is life. We’ve so many problems and responsibilities that it can be hard to be happy, much less achieve all our goals in life.

And guess what? On some level, it’s your own fault. You’re holding on to useless things in life. It’s time to let go.

Life isn’t meant to be useless

It is simple. We pretty much know the answers to how we can improve our lives. But we’re holding onto too many useless things.

And often than not, we subscribe to the idea that “life’s like that” and then accept it.


We ought to step it up! It’s time to let go of the useless things in life!


9 things that are extremely useless for your life


1) Toxic friends

Dump them. Surround yourself with positive people only. This is key to living a life where your own environment can lift you up and inspire you.


2) Revenge

Do you feel hurt or angered by someone so much so that you want justice? Or, you simply keep thinking of revenge?

It’s useless. Let it go. Resentment is like holding on to hot coals, waiting to throw it at someone.

Only you get hurt.


3) Worry

Whatever you’re thinking about, whatever that’s ahead, whatever you got planned. Whatever!

Don’t worry. I know, it’s in our nature to worry, but think about it, does it have any use?

It doesn’t. It will never change the situation or even change your feelings. Drop worry. Now.


4) Violence

It’s for losers. Use your words. Walk away.

I personally find that the idea of violence became appealing, mostly to guys because of the media. It shouldn’t be this way. Violence only causes more violence.


5) Guilt

It’s time to let go of the past. It’s natural to feel bad for a bit, but eventually you need to let it go.

You can absolutely become a better person without guilt. Think about that.


6) Clutter

Clean up! Tidy your surroundings, especially your workspace. You may think it’s just some crap lying around, but if you put in the effort to clear the area, your mind will be more clear too.

Most of the material things you hold on to are literally useless anyway. The key thing is to realize that immediately and not wait until it’s way in the future.


7) High expectations

Lower them now. High expectations build up for disappointment only. It’s useless to keep wondering how things will turn out with a pie-in-the-sky mind. Instead, be realistic and then keep learning from your tasks.


8) Waiting

Good things don’t come to those who wait.

Good things happen for people who make it happen for themselves.

Stop waiting for anything man. And I do mean anything. Don’t even wait for people who are perpetually late. Get them to come to you instead.


9) Judging people

Being judged? Forget about it. They don’t know any better, and that’s their loss.

Feel like judging someone? Stop it. It’s useless. You’ll never get it right.

Focus your time and energy on your life instead.

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