7th Pay Commission Demand – Increase in minimum wages up to Rs. 26,000

7th Pay Commission: Electioneering for Railway Union polls is heating up – they are scheduled to be held on August 28 and 29, 2019. One of the things that is on top of the agenda of most of those involved in the process is one big seventh pay commission demand. This is for an increase in the minimum wages up to Rs 26,000 under the 7th Pay Commission as based on fitment factor. In fact, this is the major agenda for the Railway Union elections. It has been revealed that the issue will be addressed keeping in mind the interests of the government employees in the days to come.

7th Pay Commission Demand for increase in minimum wages

Anoop Sharma, General Manager of the Northern Railway Union, Delhi Division stated that the organisers kept a demand for minimum wages to be hiked to Rs 26,000 for employees under the 7th Pay Commission. Currently, the minimum pay is fixed at Rs 18,000. The demand for a minimum wage under the 7th Pay commission to be Rs 26,000 for the employees will be fought for in the days to come, it was revealed.

Facilities available for parents

Sharma also mentioned that the NMRU has also promised to provide medical facilities as well as passes for parents of employees. The facility currently exists only within Indian Railways. However, the facility is given to the mother post the death of the employee’s father. The Union demands that the medical facility is provided to the employee as well as the employee’s parents.

7th Pay Commission Demand to eliminate new pension scheme

The Railway Union has made several attempts to eliminate the new pension scheme and replace it by the old pension scheme. This election, the elimination of the new pension scheme will be a major issue. A framework to restore the old pension scheme will be presented to the employee’s on behalf of the employees organisation.

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