4-Minute Principle

Imagine you are are at home on a sunday and browsing Internet leisurely. In the mean time you get the third and final call from your self-motivation, 4 minutes principle, 4-minutes rulewife for starting the washing machine to complete the week’s cloth washing process.

How do you feel ? Do you suddenly leap out of your chair in a motivated fashion or are you more likely to be thinking, “I wonder if I could just vanish from here”. For many it is the latter type of thought process that permeates their mind though you know pretty well that the first one is good (and safe!)

Can you use some good technique here in order to make your thought process in the right way you really wanted to be?

Smart people advocate 4-minute principle in this situation.

The way the 4-minute principle works is that you promise yourself to do the task you least wish to do with as much energy and forced vigour as possible with the understanding that in minute 5 if you still hate what you’re doing you can stop and go back to whatever you prefer to be doing. You should try this, it really works!

What actually happens is that if you do anything with energy and enthusiasm for at least 4 minutes, enough endorphins will be released into your system that makes you feel good and that good feeling gets associated with what you are then doing at the time.

People say whenever they have used this technique, they found that when their alarm signal goes off at 4 minutes, and at the minute 5 they start to love the work they hated to do earlier.

So once again here’s the idea: it’s called the 4-minute rule and you do something that you least want to do for 4 minutes with energy and enthusiasm knowing that after the 4 minutes if you still hate it you can go back to what you were doing before. You will find that on most occasions you will be pleasantly surprised at how self-motivated you have become.