100% Salary increase for MPs mooted by Committee

100% Salary increase for MPs mooted by Committee – Joint Committee formed by Govt proposes doubling of present Salary of Members of Parliament

MPs demand more salaryParliamenary Panel presided by BJP MP Shri. Yogi Adityanath has submitted its recommendations on report called for by Govt on Salary revision of Members of Parliament.

The Committee has recommended for Salary of incumbent parlimentarians be raised by 100%. The Panel has also recommended for increasing Ex-MPs Pension by 75%.

The Committee has proposed that an automatic pay revision mechanism for parliamentarians like that of pay commission for government employees.

Sources said the panel has made a total of around 60 recommendations. “The committee has reasoned that the last revision of MPs salary happened in 2010 and they don’t get any dearness allowance like that of government employees,” said a government source.

At present, sitting MPs get monthly salary of Rs 50,000. The panel has also recommended that the daily allowance of Rs 2,000, which they get for attending the House during Parliament sessions should be increased substantially, sources said.
Panel headed by BJP MP Yogi Adityanath has recommended that former MPs should also be entitled for 20-25 free domestic air travel in a year and increase in pension from Rs 20,000 to Rs 35,000 per month.

There is another recommendation that each sitting MP should get an additional free air conditioned first class railway pass for their companion, such as private secretary. At present, only the MPs and their spouses are entitled for first class AC travel.

Moreover, there is a proposal that the MPs should get an amount equal to first class rail ticket, which is informally known as pocket money. Parliamentarians now get allowance equivalent to fare of one second class AC ticket.

Similarly, for air travel the panel has recommended that the allowance should be equal to one full ticket fare. Sources said some the recommendations are exorbitant and all issues would be looked into before taking any decision.

The panel has also reportedly batted for better facilities for MPs at airports where they can be facilitated. The committee has suggested that the health benefits that MPs get under the Central Government Health Scheme should be extended to their children and grand children as well.

Present Allowances for Members of Parliament:

  • Rail Travel: Ist Class AC Ticket for MP / spouse & 2nd class ticket for companion
  • Travel Allowance (rail) One 2nd Class fare for each journey
  • Air Travel and Allowance: Air Fare and one-fourth of air fare as allowance

Salient Points of report submitted by Joint Panel to review the Salary of Sitting MPs and Ex-MPs

  • Regular Automatic Salary Revision like that of government Employees
  • For Ex-MPs: Increase Pension to Rs. 35,000 per moth provide Free air tickets
  • Rail Travel: Ist Class AC Ticket for Companion
  • Travel Allowance(Rail): One First Class fare for each journey
  • Air Travel and Allowance: Air Fare and equal air fare as allowance
  • CGHS facilities for Children and grand children
  • Facilitation at airports

Source: Times of India