How much you save while buying gold in Gold ETF – Calculators

Here are the calculators to find out approximate returns you get out of investments in Gold ETF (Gold Exchange Traded fund). GConnect has already published detailed articles on Gold ETF, which you can track now through the following links.


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The reason for providing the Gold Calculator is that you will get a fair idea on the concept that even an amount as small as Rs. 1200/- used for purchasing Gold on monthly basis in Gold ETF over a period (which may not be possible if you want to save in the form of physical Gold), could fetch you a reasonable returns at the end of your investment period. Ultimately, what you get is the awesome power of compounding.

The basis for these calculators are the annual returns of 12% that Gold has yielded in the past 10 years. The chart given under would reveal the returns on Gold in the past 10 years and also gets you the live update of Gold Price each day. Since, Gold ETF returns would track only the price of physical Gold, this past performance chart will also be applicable for Gold ETF, though it’s a new concept. Of course, you can calculate your returns using the rate of returns options given in the calculator if you are so conservative or much bullish.

gconnect chart on returns gold

Our forefathers had simply followed this famous quote on Gold that says “Save in the form of Gold and it would save you when you are Old”. Needless to say Gold ETF is an Old wine in new bottle, but with added ingredients such as safety, savings on wastages etc.


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